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BMP was founded in 1992 in Vanzago (MI) as a firm specialized in sub-contracting slitting of single and double-sided adhesive tapes.

Along the years, the firm has adopted a wise and continuous policy of investments including die-cutting phases by flat-bed and rotary machines, joints, laminations and semi-finished good assemblies, among its services.

The continuous updating and the research of solutions as well as proper materials for the customers’ needs have lead BMP to widen the range of its products adding to adhesive tapes also liquid adhesives, dosage or application systems and sealants.
In 2007 BMP moved to a huger building in Lainate (MI). This has been a crucial milestone that has allowed the company to multiply its own production capacities!
However, after just more than a decade, the constant growth rate – particularly in the industrial market - has led the company to a further transfer of its activity to his new site in Origgio (VA). The new building will offer enough space for all the employees and will allow the company to optimize and improve its activities.

In line with our mission, in order to fully satisfy the market needs, we have launched our new e-commerce website creating our e-brand  Dr TapesTM.
Our mission is to offer a professional service accessible to everybody, both to multinationals and privates.

Discover soon how is it easy to let you lead in your purchases by  Dr TapesTM!